Weka 37160-NN/3 Standard Reed Switch with Cable



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3M Cable

Function  Magnetic switch for WEKA Visual Level Indicators

Please refer to the safety guidelines.

Product code 37160-NN/3 with 3m cable

37160-NN/5 with 5m cable

37160-NN/10 with 10m cable

• Installed opposite the indication rail 37160-NN/20 with 20m cable

• Cable exit downwards

Switching logic Change over, bistable

Dimensions Contact rating max. 230V

max. 1A

max. 60VA

max. 60W

Enclosure IP68 - 5bar (EN 60529)

The switch module is attached to the float chamber, diametrically opposite the indication rail, with cable-exit below (see data sheet 20010501). The float magnet activates the reed contact when the liquid in the float chamber reaches that level. The switching logic is reversible by installing the switch module adjacent to the indication rail, or alternatively by inverting the switch module with cable-exit upwards


Housing          Stainless steel 316 /316L

Cable gland     PA6, grey, 3…8mm

Seal                 Perbunan (NBR)

Cable              LiYY, grey, Ø 5.8mm

Shield              not shielded

Cable cores      3 x 0,75mm²

Core colours     BK, GY, BN

Tag label           Polyester, yellow, black writing