Rosemount 214C Sensor, Element, Temp, RTD, Dual 12 IM/LG 393A3643P0001



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Rosemount Model/Description:


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The Rosemount 214C RTD Temperature Sensor is a Pt-100, single or dual element resistant temperature detector (RTD) that covers a wide range of temperatures, from -321 to 1112°F (-196 to 600°C). An exceptional solution, this sensor has a thin-film and wire-wound design for application flexibility. With many calibration options, including Class A or B sensor accuracy, this sensor also offers Callendar-Van Dusen constants for transmitter-sensor matching to provide the highest level of accuracy.

Order No. Breakdown:


RW (Sensor Type): Wire Wound; PT100; -196 to 600°C (-321 to 1112°F)

SM (Sheath Material): 321 SST

B1 (Sensor Accuracy): Class B

D3 (No. of Elements): Dual, 3-Wire

E (Dimension Units): English/U.S customary units, Inches.

0122 (Sensor insertion Length): Inches.

SL (Sensor Mount Style): Spring Loaded Adapter

 AT1: ALI with terminal strip and extended cover, Conduit connection: ¾-in. NPT, Instrument connection: ½-in. NPT, Optional stainless steel cover chain or
external ground screw available

C3: Conduit entry thread type: 3/4-in. NPT

B1: Instrument connection threat type: 1/2-in. NPT

G3: Cover Chain

KD: Combination of ATEX Flameproof, USA and Canada Explosionproof

** You will find Datasheet for this product on Emerson website.