RACKTECH 5 Way Horizontal Power Rail 9001-RB NIB



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Product Description: 1RU Horizontal Mount PDU

Socket Type: 10A Sockets

Number of Sockets: 5

Power Input: Single input at the left end of the PDU

Mounting Type Brackets: Inverse installation type

Cable Plug: 10A Plug

Control Function: Overload Protection and LED Power Indicator

Encasement: 1RU Black Aluminium

Cable Specifications: 3 meters 3 x 1.5sqmm

Product Size: 482mm

Mounting Length: 465mm

Case Length: 432mm

Fittings Supplied: Cage screws and nuts

Size of Internal Wiring: 3sqmm bus bars (0.5mm x 6mm flat copper bar)

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Rated Current: 10A

Maximum Power: 2400 watts

RoHS: Yes