PARADOX ZX8 8-Zone Expansion Module



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The ZX8 is an Expander from Paradox. The Paradox ZX8 expander is compatible with MG Series, SP Series, E Series and Digiplex EVO.

The Paradox 8-zone Expansion Module ZX8 is an interface between the control panels and any hardwired detection devices. The ZX8 connects to the control panel's combus to provide eight additional hardwired inputs and one 50mA on-board PGM output.

Input voltage:

Typically 12 to 16 Vdc

Current cons.:


Max.# of ZX8:

max.3: MG/SP Series

No. of outputs:

One 50mA PGM

No. of inputs:

8 inputs

No. of zones:

8 standard zone inputs

Oper. temperature:

-20ºC to 50ºC (-4ºF to 122ºF)*


Any Digiplex or Digiplex EVO series control panel Any SP Series control panel (V2.0 or higher) MG5000/MG5050 control panels (V2.0 or higher) WinLoad Software V2.03 or higher NOTE: For 1728/1738 compatibility, refer to the SP-ZX8 instructions.