Nachi Fujikoshi SA-G03-C7Y-C115-11 SA Series Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve

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SA Series(Wiring System: DIN Connector Type)
Wet Type Solenoid Valve
100 to 160ℓ/min 35MPa
1 Very long life
The movable iron core of the wet type solenoid is immersed in oil, which keeps it lubricated and cushions it from impact and vibration, ensuring very long life.
2 Low switching noise
The wet-type solenoid valve provides very low core switching noise, for quiet operation.
3 Shockless
A switching speed adjustment mechanism enables direct, shockless operation (Option F).
4 No surge voltage
Sparking and surge voltage during solenoid switching is canceled for stable switching (Option G).
5 Easy coil replacement
A DIN connector type coil enables one-touch coil replacement.