Haltec OR-349-T Standard 3/8″ Diameter O-Ring for 49″ Earthmover Tubeless Tire Rim - Pack of 2



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  • Packaged with 2 O-Rings per poly bag
  • 24 O-Rings per case
  • Consistent product quality
  • Manufactured of high-quality material
  • O-Rings individually marked in an easy-to-read color
  • Manufactured to major OEM specifications
  • Spliced O-Ring with sonic weld technology
  • Extruded product allows diameter variation to meet the wide variety of rim O-Ring grooves, both domestic and foreign
  • Three compounds for all service conditions:
    • Standard -40° to 180°F (marked with white ink)
    • Arctic -65° to 180°F (marked with green ink)
    • High Temp -85°F to 437°F (all orange material)