FISHER 67CFS-227/C9/C9 Instrument Supply Regulators



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**Please note, both gauges have minor cracks on face

***Only one Regulator has paperwork supplied in box

TYPE 67CFS REGULATOR 1/4 NPT 316L stainless steel body with second outlet tapped. 316L stainless steel spring case with resin closing cap and 1/4 NPT vent. 316L stainless steel drip well, drain assembly and 5 micron polyethylene element. N07750 (Inconel® X750) heat-treated range spring, 316 stainless steel upper spring seat. 316 stainless steel square head adjusting screw, nitrile diaphragm, 316 stainless steel diaphragm plate, 316 stainless/nitrile valve assembly and N07750 (Inconel X750) heat-treated valve spring. Vent location is over inlet and drain cock is under inlet. The second outlet is plugged with a 316 stainless steel hex head pipe plug. 

Range PSIG - 0 to 150   67CFS-227