digsy INTER CONTROL 4885.29.100-05 / CAT 353-3978



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digsy® ICN-V | CAN I/O module for harsh environments

Rugged, compact CAN-node-module e.g. for controlling hydraulic components, to be used in decentralized control concepts. Ideal in combination with hydraulic components.

The modular digsy® ICN-V node family features a high I/O-density and an excellent price/performance ratio. Due to its mechanical construction and its high protection class it is suitable to be mounted directly at the chassis. The electrical attributes have been aligned especially to the needs of hydraulic components. Particularly the direct control of proportional valves is possible.

Configurable inputs

  • 4 digital inputs, separately configurable as 0...10V or 0...20mA analog inputs

Configurable outputs

  • 8 digital outputs max. 4A, separately configurable as digital inputs. 4 of them are also configurable as counter inputs or 2x AB-counter inputs.
  • 8 PWM-outputs with current regulation, max. 4A, separately configurable as digital inputs or outputs.
  • Outputs are protected against short circuit/overload and can be connected in parallel
  • Max. load of 20A per 8 outputs
  • 2 voltage outputs (operating voltage), max. 0,1A

CANbus interface

  • High speed CANbus-interfaces with CANopen protocol
  • Baudrates: 20 kBit/s...1 MBit/s
  • Integrated CANbus T-connector

General specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 8...32V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C...+85°C
  • Shock and vibration-proof
  • EMC-proof according to automotive norms
  • Aluminum housing with Goretex filter, rock fall proof, salt water proof
  • Protection rating: IP69k
  • 1 socket, 55-pin
  • Dimensions: 186mm x 160mm x 70mm