AECO Electronic Rotation Control CRTP



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This unit is used for checking for the slowing down of rotating units due to the slipping of belts of clutches, fracture of transport belts or chains or as a motor protection in the case of mechanical overload. This control is carried out by the CRTP controller which is made up of an electronic circuit which is enclosed in a plastic container which has an undecal plug and a sensor which can be inductive, capacitive or photoelectric.

- Power supply 24-110/220 Vac 50/60 Hz
- Relay output 1 pole changeover 5A to 220 Vac
- Led incorporated
- The time range goes from 0.03 sec. to 512 sec
- Initial delay is adjustable in order to permit rotating unit to start
- Function A with alarm and manual reset
- Function B with alarm and automatic reset
- Adapted for NAMUR and amplified NPN or PNP sensor
- All the functions are programmed through a selector switch
- In case of loss of power, the relay changes state thus giving the alarm condition