WATSON SMITH Type 422 Fail Freeze Electronic I/P Converter



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*Output Signal 0.2-1bar (3-15psig) low pressure unit; 0.2-8bar (3-120psig) high pressure unit; minimum outlet pressure less than 140mbar (2psig)
*Air Supply Oil free, dry air, filtered to 5 microns; at least 0.7bar above maximum output pressure
*Flow Capacity Up to 300Nl/min (10scfm)
*Air Consumption 0.2 l/min typical (0.007scfm) low pressure ; 0.4 l/min typical (0.013scfm) high pressure
*Response Time 5 seconds (low pressure unit), 12 seconds (high pressure unit) (from 10 to 90% of output pressure into a 5 litre load)
*Total Error Max. error +/-0.25% of span (low pressure), +/-0.5% (high pressure) (typical, independent error includes the combined effect of non-linearity, hysteresis, deadzone and repeatability
*Temperature Effect Typically better than 1% span between -10°C and 60°C
*Supply Sensistivity Negligible effect
*Connections 1/4" NPT female standard (plus two integral 1/4" NPT gauge ports); others available on request
*Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
*IP Rating IP65
*Vibration The unit possesses a high degree of immunity
*Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliant and CE marked in accordance with the EC E.M.C. directive. Tested to standards: BS EN50082-2: 1995, BS EN50081-2: 1994
*Material of Construction Zinc diecasting passivated and epoxy painted, Verton glass/nylon cover; nitrile diaphragms
*Mass 800g
*Mounting Position Operation in any attitude is possible without recalibration; integral surface mounting bracket provided for vertical mounting
*Electrical Signal 4-20mA (two wire); load presents 6 volts (+/-0.5V) constant voltage drop to the current source
*Failure Mode Signal held at previous value when input signal falls below 2mA +/-0.5mA; drift rate 0.02% in 30 seconds (mid-range)
*Connections 30mm square connector DIN 43650 provided, mountable in four directions