SCHNEIDER Fusarc CF Fuse 757374 BR



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Indoor, 7.2kV, 250A, 442mm

Range of product Fusarc CF
Quality labels ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Standards IEC 60282-1
IEC 60787
DIN 43625
VDE 0670-402
Product or component type Fuse
Protection technology Current limiter
Thermal limiter
[In] rated current 250 A
Rated voltage (Ur) 7.2 kV
[Ue] rated operational voltage 3...7.2 kV
Braking current 2200 A
Average resistance 1 mOhm at 20 °C +/- 10 %
Power dissipation in W 95 W
Type of installation Indoor
material Glass fiber
Product destination Motor
Power transformer
Voltage transformer
Condition of use Cubicle
In open air
Fuse chamber
Length 442 mm
Net weight 3.4 kg
Diameter 86 mm