Our Services

West Oz Surplus, Machinery & Equipment is located south of Perth at Naval Base. We buy and sell gear sourced from Australia’s oil, gas and mining industries, and purchase surplus bearing stocks throughout WA and the Northern Territory.

Our services include:

Sales of new/second-hand machinery & equipment

 Including: Flow Control Equipment, Transformers, Earthmoving Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Welding Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Winch Assemblies, Screening Equipment, Electrical Equipment, and Spiral Welded Pipe.



Purchase of redundant stock at competitive prices

 Including Welders, Bearings, Electrical Cable, Steel Pipe & Plate, Electrical Motors & Gearboxes, Transformers.



Assistance with disposal of redundant equipment

 If you have redundant equipment on site contact West Oz Surplus, Machinery & Equipment to arrange for its prompt removal and disposal.




Arrange equipment disposal logistics

 We have extensive experience in logistics and can arrange for the transportation of your unwanted equipment.